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-Kiba Not so Different after all...--Lemon--

INFO: Tayla Areka
Personality: hyper active but very shy when not around friends, also is from the bunnah clan she is a bunny like human, smiles alot likes to make people happy...
Like's: Kiba Inuzuka
Dislike's: Well shes scared of dogs, and spiders
Past: She Used to be an Orphan she never new her real family and she is the last of her kind...
Age: 16 like everyone else...


   Well today I wanted to see my best friend Hinata, it was a sunny day and I love to make her smile. Plus I promised her I would help her with her training. So she told me to meet her at the training feild and her team mates are going to be there, even Kiba, Ive always have liked Kiba. He always made me feel like im not like some kind of animal like im a human too, just like everyone else. He makes me smile, and butterflies in my stomach start to dance when he gets close to me. Im kinda nervous to go and see him because im really afraid of his dog, and I hate the smell of dog and I just I dont know, I  just hope everything goes well.
   I walked inside the feild and immediatly saw the huge dog, I held my breath and slowly walked over seeing Hinata. I started to breathe Faster when I saw Kiba heading my way. I started blushing and playing with my hands.
   "Hey Tayla-chan what's up?" He asked with his amazing smile with his tooth over laping his lower lip. I smiled at him and gigled slightly.
   "Ah hiya Kiba-kun.. nothing really you?" I said kinda fast and quiet but he heard because of his dog like ears. They were human ears but can hear the sounds of like everything.
   "Ehh cant wait to get started haha you still scared of Akamaru?" He asked kinda worried, I nodded a little looking down. He stepped forward and lifted my chin to see his face glimmer with slight sadness in his eyes.
   "Dont worry Tayla-chan he wont hurt you, I promise..." He let go gently and walked over to shino. I kinda felt a little sadder when he did that. I didnt want him to let go, my stomach was still fluttering with butterflies I couldnt let him just walk away yet, I do it everytime. I hate myself sometimes, I saw the dog jump over to Kiba, I kinda wanted to go stand with him but after that I didnt want to go near him. The butterflies were gone as I stood there by myself. Hinata looked at me sadly and walked over to me making sure I wasnt alone, Hinata is such a great friend, she knows I like Kiba and that im afraid of his dog and shes always been right by my side, I love her for that.
   "Well are we gona get started..." Shino said walking over to us. We both nodded and I got butterflies again, I didnt feel good when I saw the dog walking towards me. My heart stopped like it wasnt beating anymore. Akamaru started running at me, I couldnt move, it was like time had stopped and I was so scared that I stopped breathing, my face turned red to purple.
   "Kiba hurry!!" Hinata yelled.
   "Akamaru!!!! STOP!" Akamaru didnt stop. He kept coming, I closed my eyes and I was on the ground being licked and slobbered all over. My tummy was not getting any better, but it wasnt so bad, I thought he was gona bite me or something. I felt everyone surround me an laugh, I tried getting up but Ughh this dog is too heavy. You heard someone whistle and Akamaru got up right away.
   "Are you alright Tayla-chan..?" Kiba came over and lended you a hand, his touch, made my heart sore I woundered what it would be like if he touched everywhere on me.
   "Hello? Tayla-chan??" I snaped out of my daze and looked into his eyes, he seemed to blush a light pink and so did I.
   "Im ok, it wasnt as bad as I thought it was gona be.. " I giggled and he laughed nervously.
   "Alright then shall we begin?" Shino asked and we all nodded...


Kiba's POV= Point of view , there side after practice <3

   Wow I think Tayla is starting to like dogs haha pretty kool, I mean shes amazingly hot but im not sure if she would like me like that, all because im a dog practicaly. She looked amazing today, her white rabit ears were adorable, but its not like Ive never said it before, well Ive never said it to her face no, it would be weird and awkward right..?
   She is a great shinobi, great reflexes, the way she moves is just breath taking. I kinda want her when I think like this. I mean were not that different, were so similar, but ehh I dont think she would like me thinking like this. Maybe im being parenoid, maybe I should tell her how I feel. Nahh maybe ill ask Shino, he might help.
   "Hey Shino I need your help with something?" I felt so unsure of doing this but I really need someones help like now. I then saw Tayla playing with Akamaru I blushed I wasnt sure how red I was but my face was hot as hell, it was cute. I then looked back at shino. His shades hid his eyes so im not sure if he heard me, or was he thinking.
   "Well what is it about?" He asked, I felt like I was gona burst out something but I slowely calmed as I looked over at Tayla again.
   Amazing I whispered, Shino then looked where I was looking and smirked.
   "Well its about a girl, and its Tayla and you like her, but your not sure if she likes you..." He said blanky but I nodded at surprise.
   "Well then tell her."Was all he said and he walked over to Hinata that was standing on a bench watching Tayla play with Akamaru. Should I, I want to but how would she'll react. Maybe ask Hinata? this is so agravating.
   "Hey Hinata!! C'mere" I said and started to think of how I should put this. She walked over and started playing with her hair.
   "Whats up Kiba-kun?" She asked looking up at me. I started to sweat.
   "Well I kinda have a thing, .for uhh Tay-Tayla-chan." I blushed mad, damn it, you saw her eyes widden.
   "Well you should tell her." She said to me.
   "But how like how should i tell her?" I asked, she looked down thinking.
   "Ive got an Idea..." Was all she said hell yeah!!!


Tayla POV Next day!!!

   Wow Dogs are amazing there so cute and fun!!! I never thought id be in love with Akamaru! he adorable, not like Kiba though, it seems like he has been ignoring me. He just, didnt even say bye to me yesturday after training. *sigh* I kinda hoped he would give me a huge hug like he always did but I guess he was too buzy for me, he went off with Hinata, and Hinata hasnt talked to me since yesturday maybe Kiba liked Hinata and not me. Yeah that hast to be it, I decided to go for a walk and see if I could fins Hinata anywhere. But Hinata wouldnt do that to me, shes not like that she likes Naruto, right? She wouldnt like Kiba. I just had to find her fast I need to know whats going on.
   I ran in side seeing her father and waving running to her room, I knocked on it and heard her say come in I opened the door slamming it open. Seeing her and Naruto talking, I blushed, woops...
   "Oh Naruto, sorry for interupting should I wait outside.." Hinata nodded and I walked back out side seeing Neji he smirked at me. He came over with a huge smiled across his lips.
   "So? are you ready for today?" I watched him as his huge smiled turned back to a smirk, What the hell does he mean?
   "Uhh what do you mean by that?" He looked at me confused and then laughed.
   "You dont know yet do you?" Uhhhh ...????
   "Umm what are you talking about?" He just laughed and walked away, what the hell? I saw Hinata walking out with Naruto. I smiled at them as Naruto looked at me, he gave me a smirk as well, im so lost. He walked out leaving me and Hinata there.
   "Umm Hinata what the hell is going on? everyone is looking at me and then laughing and you left with Kiba yesturday and he didnt give the hug he always gives me!!" I yelled she looked at me and laughed.
   "Calm down Tayla-chan, were going over Kiba's ok?"
   "But why?"
   "Cause there's gona be a party there tonight duh?!?! and he told me to invite you." She said wow he hates me that much he cant even invite me in person!!
   "He hates me, he doesnt even want to invite me in person, wow do I look desprate?" Hinata laughed again.
   "No your not desprate but I have a plan, this party is gona get you to go out with him!! isnt it great!!" I thought a minute and I nodded I guess so, so then after that we went shopping...


   STill your POV

      After we went shopping I picked out this, to go to the party Hinata said I looked amazing and that Kiba would love it so I decided to wear it. We were now on our way to Kiba's house when Hinata stopped and looked at me.
   "What is it Hinata-chan?" She looked down kinda sad like.
   "I fogot something at the house and I need to go get it." she said turning around heading back.
   "Ill come with you then." I started walk with her but she stopped.
   "No you go ill be there soon I promise, Kiba is waiting haha come on iIwouldnt lie to you.." She said and walked away. I got to Kiba's house and knocked on the door and Akamaru answered I gave him a smile and a pat on the head and walked inside seeing no one was here yet I guess.. I slowely walked around.
   "Hello is anyone here?" I started to freak out I was kinda alone with Akamaru, but I came for Kiba and there supposed to be a party and like no one is here yet am I early?
   "Kiba-kun are you here? anywhere, this isnt funny." I then fell backwards slamming my head on the table.
   "Owww damn it!!" I screamed and I felt Kiba's chakra I then smiled getting up and sitting down on his couch. He came in shocked that I was there. I giggled, and he came and sat next to me. I blushed watching him do this, my stomach started to fly. He cleared his throat and looked at me straight in the eyes, I blushed harder.
   "Well there is something i need to tell you Tayla-chan..."He started, but slowely moved his head down. He got up and started walking in circles he seemed puzzled. I had a confused look apon my face as he stopped and looked at me and then kept going in circles.
   "Well Tayla-chan I kinda well I, how should I put this, I, I have fallen , for uhh this is so annoying.. umm I love you Tayla-chan..." He stopped looking at my face. I didnt know how to respond I was so happy yet I couldnt move. He seemed to have saddend his face and turned around not facing me.
   "Its ok if you dont feel that way I just wanted to tell you..." He said and I got up and hugged him he was startled by this and then he felt warm he turned around in my grasp, grabbing my chin and kissing me gently and then parting, seeing if it was ok and I kissed him again. He smirked into the kiss grabbing my hands from under him to his neck, and then he gently placed his on my waist. he gently grabbed my face pulling me closer to him and then parting.
   "I love you Tayla-chan" He said smiling with all his heart, I giggled.
   "I love you too Kiba-kun" He took his hand grabbing my waist again, feeling my sides, I felt my wetness get more wet by the minute, will he?
   "Tayla-chan Please dont reject me..." He said breathing harder, I looked down seeing his member aroused. I blushed seeing its size threw his pants. I then looked back up at him nodding my head. I stood there waiting for him to take me. But he didnt do anything, I grabbed his face caressing it back and forth.
   "I cant, I just, cant take you like this... do you even want it??" He let go of me and punched the wall standing, facing the wall. I walked over to him rubbing his arm.
   "I want you, take me Ive been waiting for you, were not so different..." I said bringing him facing me he was shocked when I did this, I put my hands on his shoulders and kissed him on his neck, then his chin and then finally his lips. I unbottoned his jacket and ripped it off, he seemed very entertained by this however, I was enjoying myself Ive never seen this side of me and I was liking it, I wanted him to touch me.
    After his jacket was gone I slowely moved my hands from under his fishnet shirt feeling his abs, taking that off also. He then grabbed my hips and kissed me roughly, I felt his warm member against my tummy, I wanted him inside me. He moved his hand to my breast squeezing them softly and then harder and harder as he kissed my neck and bitting it sucking it dry. He then started to take off my shirt as my breast became more visible.
    Throwing my shirt to the side he gabbed them as he kissed me roughly again. I wanted to hear him moan. So I took my leg and brushed it against his member, he immedetly stopped and flinched. I smirked grabbing his zipper and sliding it down. Then slid his pants off, grabbing his member gently rubbing it, I stopped and brought him over to the couch so he wouldnt fall or something. I took off his pants seeing his member made me wetter, I gabbed it sqeezing it and pumping my hand in and out, he moand and yelled I was loving this. I then licked his stomach teasing him, I then took my tonge apon his tip, he jumped feeling the pleasure. He started to cum slightly I fell backward not wanting it in my mouth, gross. He laughed at you, he then jumped on you trying to figure out how the bra worked, I laughing helping him take it off, he lifted me up so we were both on our knees, he sqeezed my breats and started to suck on them. I moaned louder and louder as he slightly nibbled on them. It felt so damn good, Kiba was touching me and making me feel what Ive always wanted from him, all I ever wanted was for him to love me, and it was all here.
    He took his hands garbbing right underneath my breast and sliding them down to my pelvis I moaned falling backwards on my back, he grabbed my skirt and slid it off. he stared at my panties seeing how wet I was, he laughed at me. It was going down my legs, he took his finger rubbing my clit threw the panties. I moaned feeling like im going to orgasm any second, he took of my panties and bent down at my virgina, and licked me.
   "Ahahhhh!!" I yelled grabbing the couch. "Kiba-kun!" I moaned as he slid deeper and deeper. I was cumming everywhere. He came up to my breast again and sucked on them as he slid a finger inside me and then another, feeling my wettness. He brought his hand and licked them.
   "Wow Tayla-chan you taste amazing.." He said as I blushed, I was hitting my climax soon, I needed him now. He slid his hands down my back and then he stopped feeling my tail.
   "What is that?" He asked.
   "Haha Its my tail..." I was panting, he turned me over looking at it feeling it and them sqeezing my bottom.
   "Do you mind if I do it my way? "He asked turning me back around I nodded and got up on my hands and knees, he grabbed my side and pushed in.
   "Ahhhh!!!! oh my god!! Your so big.." I said as he pumped in and out,  he put his hands feeling my breast as he was still pumping, hes quiet good at this.
   "Faster Kiba!!" I was cumming faster and it ran like a river down my legs, he pumped faster kissing my back and caressing my bottom and sqeezing it gently.
   "Ahhhhh!!" We both hit our climax, and I fell down as he colasped down beside me. We both panted staring at each other. He grabbed me and held me there for abour an hour. I then realzed wasnt there supposed to be a party...? I slowely got up fixing my hair and Kiba looked at me feeling my side.
   "Werent you supposed to have a party Kiba-kun?" He gave me a confused look.
  "Oh yeah well Hinata said that well, she wanted me to tell you the truth and well I made it up so I could get you over.. and she ditched you so I could tell you by myself, I hope you dont hate her, cuz it was my idea..:" he said I moved to his face kissing him gently.
   "I couldnt hate my friend that helped me get you." I said, he blushed smiling. I then grabbed my ears, feeling slightly weird.
   "I love your tail heh-he..." He said as he grabbed it, I gave him a sad look.
   "Will your parents hate me... becuase im like this.." I asked grabbing my ears again.
   "Were not that different Tayla-chan..." He said to me. I saddend my face. he got up taking my hand and placing it in front on him, and then putting his hand on mine.
   "See were not different..." He then kissed me hand and letting go. I blushed and smiled.
   "I guess were not so different after all." I smiled and fell asleep, ill haft to thank Hinata tommorow...

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